"Shhh....we are learning, but we think we are playing"

ABC's are all around us. We move, we create, we sing, we learn!

Name song

Name Song
(tune of b-i-n-g-o)

I know a boy he has a name
and Alex is his name-oh!
A-L-E-X, A-L-E-X, A-L-E-X
and Alex is his name oh!

Use your child's name to sing this song.  You might have to be creative with some names, but ALL names are possible!  I have come across some short and long names that are challenging.  The children love to hear their name in a song!

Learning lower case letters

Aa   Bb  Cc  Dd

We are learning to write our names with upper case and lower case letters.  Here is an online matching game your child can play to help them learn upper case and lower case.

Color Week

This week is all about Colors and Shapes!

Check out this online game about sorting colors....

We will be making color wheels, mixing colors and sorting colors!  It will be fun and messy!

Look for colors and shapes around your house and while driving in your car!


Around the room: trains, tic-tac-toe, toothpicks, turkeys, turtles, triangles, tip toeing, tossing, telephone talking, trucks

Sensory Table: Texture sorting – beans, cotton balls, pipecleaners, rocks

Books:    A Turkey for Thanksgiving, Yertle the Turtle, Shark Vs. Train

Literacy/Math: sorting triangles, matching letter “Tt” sounds, tracing the letter Tt, counting toothpicks, Turkey book “Where is the turkey?”, Letter Tt “take home packet”, toothpick letters, Feed the Turkey

Special treat: Tootsie Rolls! (Shhh :)

Taste testing on Friday!

ABC Cafe: Tea, Turkey sandwiches

Dramatic Play: Telephone – ordering take out food from “phone book”, telephone manners

I'm a Turtle
(to the tune of "I'm a Little Tea Pot")

I'm a little turtle,
I crawl so slow,
And carry my house
Wherever I go.
When I get tired
I pull in my head,
My legs and my tail,
And go to bed!

Turkey - My Darling
(Sung To: Skip To My Lou My Darling)

Turkey in the red barn, arn, arn, arn (Repeat Three Times)
Turkey in the barn my darling

Turkey in the Brown Straw, ha, ha, ha (Repeat Three Times)
Turkey in the straw my darling

Turkey in the blue sky, high, high, high (Repeat Three Times)
Turkey in the sky my darling

Turkey in the white snow, ho, ho, ho (Repeat Three Times)
Turkey in the snow my darling

Turkey in the green tree, hee, hee, hee (Repeat Three Times)
Turkey in the tree my darling

ABC Turkey Game Board

ABC Turkey Game

print and color
write lower case abc on clothpins
match clothpins on game board


Barnes and Noble video books! November 2010

November storytime online at Barnes and Noble

The Mitten  by Jan Brett