"Shhh....we are learning, but we think we are playing"

ABC's are all around us. We move, we create, we sing, we learn!

About Me

I find myself sitting here on the sofa, laptop on lap, coffee beside me starting my day with blogging. Well, I did load the dirty dishes left from last night into the dishwasher and wipe down the black granite countertops that mock me with their fingerprints! I figured with those two chores out of the way I could justify a few minutes of computer time before dashing down to Turkey Hill for some milk and cereal, getting a shower and hitting the soccer fields by 12:30! Thanks to anyone that has checked out my blog and left me words of praise on FB. It looks like I am going in the direction of archiving Letter of the week activities for parents to view. There has been such pressure for these little ones to know their ABC's prior to kindergarten. Right now my mother is rolling her eyes and pacing in the kitchen. Calm down Mom, times are changing and I am doing my best to give the parents what they want, get the kids prepared for kindergarten, but disguise it through PLAY!!!

For any of you that don't know, my mother was a Director of a preschool, an Elementary teacher, worked with the CAIU as a Early Interventionalist/Play Therapy. While I don't posess any of those credentials, I guess that teaching skills are hereditary. Thanks Mom. I was a rebel and turned my back on the inevitable road to teaching. There was no way I was going to be a teacher like my Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncles, and eventually both of my sisters. Umm, yes, I am a little stubborn. My creativity and Art skills found me in Interior Design at West Virginia University. I loved spending late nights at my drafting table, meticulously drawing detailed elevations with ink on mylar and I have ALWAYS since a child felt at home in an office supply store! I went on to work in the Design field in Atlanta after graduating. I also should add that I met my husband in drafting class and that is where our life together started. Love ya! So, on to Atlanta. Loved Atlanta, beautiful weather, fabulous restaruants and fast pace living. Through different jobs I eventually became the Design Manager for an office furniture dealer, working AutoCad memorizing thousands of part numbers, figuring out how to cram 200 people into basically closets, meet all their working needs and of course, still obide codes. Well, in 1996 my little girl was born. Eventually watching people run around the office with their heads cut off because a chair order had not yet been delivered did not seem as important as being with my little one. Thus my new position as stay at home mom. I am here to say 13 years later that managing a design team and calming spastic salesmen was easier than the duties of motherhood. Never, Ever would I change that decision. Nothing is more rewarding and I am blessed everyday that I am where I am.
When my friend was teaching at my children's preschool, there was a position available to be her assistant in the two year old class. Cool. My kids were four and eight at the time and my son attended the preschool. I like play dough and obviously like kids, LOVE craft supplies, plus my friend is the teacher. Sign me up. That was my beginning at preschool and five years later I have moved through assisting the Two's, teaching the Two's, assisting the Threes, teaching the Threes and now next year teaching the Threes and Fours. Wow. Way to avoid that teaching gene Amy. Brilliance. And look you are even doing it for a preschool salary. Never, Ever would I change that decision. Nothing is more rewarding and I am blessed everyday that I am where I am.

Off to Turkey Hill for that milk - have a wonderful day!