"Shhh....we are learning, but we think we are playing"

ABC's are all around us. We move, we create, we sing, we learn!

Only fair I post one for the boys!

All the kiddos will enjoy this, but I thought of the boys since my son is always collecting rubberbands. Make your own geoboard. Buy a square piece of wood from a craft store, sand the edges and spray paint. Hammer nails in a grid pattern or push pins, I have seen them made both ways. For accuracy, place a grid template over the wood and mark the grid by pushing nails/pins to mark the spots. Remove the grid and hammer away! Use colored rubberbands or hair bands to create shapes. This will be another summer project for me. Let's see...."R" for rubber bands....."N" for nails?

photo thanks to: megret7 via flickr
making your own idea from: MamaJenn